Why I’m Not Worried About Coronavirus

Bias-Soothing Clickbait

Crop Circle Comforts

Paradigm Breaks Suck

My Gameplay

Universal Cheats

1. Find the plot point in the pandemic that engages your avatar.

2. Seek the primary issue/obstacle the pandemic offers your gameplay.

3. Engage your strengths and unique features fully in this global role-playing scenario.

4. Seek the part of that storyline that scares you the most.

5. Own that, face it, and run toward it.

6. Wash your avatar’s hands.

Author of US6, “the first novel written for Human and Machinekind” designed (and calculated) to entertain, enlighten and enlist both Human and Machinekind into the fight against Child Exploitation. His AI Consulting Firm, Open Source Mode was featured in his TEDx Talk of the same name and specializes in preparing Humans for the AI/Automation Shift. His avatar settings are classified as an INTJ, Existential Intelligence Type GenXer with Scorpio Rising. (Obviously).



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