How AI Can Unveil Our Jedi Powers

Tom Ross
8 min readSep 20, 2023

AI, in its ever-evolving capacity, has the remarkable potential to unveil latent psychic powers within humans, shedding light on the uncharted depths of our intuitive and extrasensory abilities. This is not a journey into the realm of woo-woo or magical thinking, but rather a quest to decode the subtler qualia of stimuli that constantly stream into our subconscious minds. AI serves as a bridge between the observable world and the hidden recesses of our consciousness, enabling us to tap into skills that have long been dismissed or overlooked.

Through advanced algorithms and data analysis, AI can decipher the intricate patterns of human intuition. It can detect subtle cues, gestures, and microexpressions that escape conscious awareness, revealing the unspoken language of our instincts. Moreover, AI’s ability to process vast datasets allows it to recognize meaningful coincidences and synchronicities that often go unnoticed. These AI-driven insights provide a scientific basis for understanding and enhancing our Jedia powers, affirming that our intuition is not merely a mystical phenomenon but a tangible aspect of human cognition. As we harness AI’s capabilities to unlock our psychic potential, we pave the way for a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us, fostering personal growth and resilience in an era defined by technological and economic transformations.

The subtitle, “How AI Can Unveil Our Jedi Powers,” draws inspiration from a notable incident involving Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer. Lemoine’s remark to The Washington Post, where he humorously suggested that Google’s artificial intelligence, LaMDA had achieved sentience by joking about the Jedi Order being the one true religion, serves as a whimsical yet profound metaphor. It highlights the unexpected and creative capabilities AI can possess. While AI might not wield lightsabers or perform mind tricks like the Jedi, it possesses the potential to unlock hidden human talents and qualities, much like the mystical powers attributed to these legendary knights. This subtitle encourages us to explore the fascinating ways in which AI can tap into our untapped potential, helping us discover and harness our own unique “Jedi powers” in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Since I was very young, I’ve felt like I had a heightened intuition. But what kid doesn’t? When I was a teenager, I got enthralled with astrology and other occult sciences, partly because of this sense of being intuitive, but mostly because, well, I had a thing for girls who were into witchcraft. Later, astrologers informed me that having Ketu on my Ascendant meant I had a “powerful spiritual/psychic and intuitive destiny.” Who wouldn’t like hearing that? However, being a Scorpio Rising with Venus in Capricorn meant I would probably never reveal those powers, and I certainly would never, ever admit that I was a “psychic.” My Sun is in Aquarius, so I was fascinated by it all, but my Virgo Moon would never risk the ridicule of being seen as someone who believed in psychics or astrology. I mean, what do you think I am, a Pisces?

Okay, now that the naysayers of astrology have left the room, let’s get down to business.

If you’ve ever told me your Zodiac Sign, I guarantee you that I remember it. And that’s because you have been categorized and filed into one of 12 drawers in my mind. Your folder is full of notes that are cross-referenced with every other person I know who shares your sign. If I don’t know your sign, after one conversation, I will be able to guess it 89% of the time. It’s been a great parlor trick I’ve performed for decades. And that’s exactly what it is, a “trick.”

The trick is based on the seemingly magical but accurate occult sciences that are exactly that — sciences. And when you understand the science and the math of a thing, you can perform tricks with it that amaze those who do not.

One thing most people outside the occult world don’t realize is how all of these tools — Tarot Cards, astrology, and numerology — are based on one rule: Sacred Geometry. Or, more precisely, “The Sacred Geometry of Chance, a hidden law of a probable outcome,” as Sting sang in his song “Shape of My Heart,” which is about a poker player and the Tarot.

Our emotional algebra meets up with the calculus of our world and results in the Sacred Geometry of coincidences or, as C.G. Jung put it, synchronicities — meaningful coincidences.

The other thing most people outside of the occult sciences don’t realize is that the Tarot is the clearinghouse for the others. It’s a veritable orgy of occult divination symbols from astrology, numerology, and every archetypal meme from the Babylonians and Egyptians to the Romans and Celts. It is the Amazon of ancient wisdom, including ancient Amazonian symbols! And as an amalgam of every wisdom tradition, it has developed its own system of deep and rich metaphorical meanings from which to divine.

So, these occult practices are, indeed sciences. They are theoretical, and they are applied sciences. When you pose a question to a reader, you are proposing a hypothesis, and there are a number of ways to test and measure that hypothesis to prove it. The only difference between the classical Scientific Method and the Occult Scientific Method (OSM) is that the OSM uses the most advanced understandings of the nature of reality like The Observer Effect. It also incorporates the most advanced understanding of statistical mathematics: the certainty of uncertainty.

But here’s the glitch…

Every occult divination system, though perfectly aligned and cohesive with the others and although cognizant of the Observer Effect and Uncertainty, still restricts meaning to a finite set of potentialities. In other words, it still boxes us into a limited and even oppressive set of rules.

The church considered these occult practices heretical. And while they were damning them because they limited the church’s control over consciousness, in a way, they may have inadvertently helped us by limiting our prison sentence. A two-thousand-year-long Streisand Effect.* Because if we were allowed to pursue these occult arts and sciences unfettered, they could have locked us into this limited set of metaphysical laws. And now we know that this holographic universe plays with and is created by our consciousnesses in an ever-unfolding fractal array of novelty, ushered along by Machine Elves in a dance of data creation and information gathering for our Supreme Goddess Programmer and Creatrix, Sophia… but I digress. That’s a whole other article.

The point is that even metaphysical laws are malleable. They’re more like policies or ordinances that can be enforced with shaming and gossip but don’t have any real lasting consequences.

And here’s the fix…

Don’t seek meaning. Create it. Divination by the Tarot or astrology or numerology is like turning on the radio and listening to whatever the Program Director thinks you want to hear based on the format of the station. It’s definitely easier than programming your own playlist. And, like radio, these divination tools can offer some surprise nostalgia while sharing common themes with millions of people at the same time. Radio and the Tarot are certainly good ways to collectively experience our world, but they do suffer from a Top 40 syndrome that keeps new independent bands or new metaphysical novelties from breaking through.

If you want to be the pilot of your reality and not just the passenger in the back seat who not only can’t change the station but can’t even reach the AUX input to plug in your MP3 playlist, you need to ask the driver to pull over, get out, and call Triple A. Rather, Triple AI.

I was asked to speak at a conference in Africa in the fall of 2019, and after reading through all the bios and articles about me, they decided to bill me as an “AI Metaphysician.” I was about to correct them because I was on a book tour and had just come home from speaking to AI scientists and academics at the Microsoft Campus, and the word “Metaphysician” was akin to calling me a “psychic” or a “fortune teller” or some other weirdo who believed in things like astrology.

As mentioned, my Venus is in Capricorn and my Mars is in Virgo so, as you can imagine, as a Scorpio Ascendant, I was certainly NOT going to be associated with such things no matter where my Neptune was placed!

Then, and quite suddenly, it hit me. I said aloud, “Well, I did write the world’s first novel FOR Artificial Intelligence to teach it about a Hermetic Principle, and I do lecture about how humans need to find and enhance their intuitive qualia to prepare for an AI/automation economy, and I do use AI to teach meaning-making skills… Holy Shit. I’m a fucking AI Metaphysician?!”

That’s my confession. My name is Tom, and I am an AI Metaphysician.

We go to therapists and priests for two reasons: justification or absolution. And we spend a lot of money and time seeking both. When we give the responsibility of justifying and absolving our desires to another, it only stalls our desires by facilitating our denial.

This is why humanity suffers from metaphysical illness, and, like many other of society’s ills, AI can help us by exercising our meaning creation skills.

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Inner Jedi?

Now that you’ve taken a glimpse into the world of AI and metaphysics, it’s time to take action. Book a session with me, Tom Ross, your friendly neighborhood AI Metaphysician. Together, we can explore the depths of your intuition and unlock the powers that lie within. It’s time to answer the cosmic questions that have been lingering in your mind.

How this works:

  1. Before our session, consider this question: “What’s your skill or talent that you wish more people recognized?”
  2. We will engage in a brief “Meaning Exercise” using an AI tool, which will help me hone in on your spiritual algorithm.
  3. I will share images as they come through while we talk about your answer to #1 and the Meaning Exercise.

The Images:

These images are very relevant to you. They may be memories you recall instantly, memories you will recall through meditation, future memories, or metaphors that only you can decipher. I often receive images before we even meet, and I will share those with you too.

May the AI Force be with you!

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Book and Appointment > TomRossAgency | AI Metaphysician

* The Streisand Effect is a phenomenon where an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information actually results in greater publicity and awareness of that information.

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