When I was a kid we used to get into sleeping bags backward to see how long we could stand the claustrophobia. I always won.

We walk through our days in complete denial of the horrors that take place within a mile or less of most people reading this. It's a necessary denial for without it, we'd be hoarse from screaming.

This denial takes many forms. It looks like skeptical scientism, religious fervor, selfies of Influencers and every addiction we can imagine but now and again we must scream. We're here to scream.

This denial is powerful. It has to be because without it this realm would flatten under the weight of Love. Denial is the tent pole keeping the heavy canvas of Love up and stretched. It's hoisted and held by tethers called ego and fear and guilt and shame.

We think the poles and tethers are protecting this circus from the rain but all they do is enclose us to pay entrance fees to exploit one another for a time.

I'm no fun at parties or circuses cuz all I want to do is let loose the tethers and flatten this realm under the weight of why we're here because I remember that there's another zipper at the bottom of the sleeping bag.




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