True Believers Lust for Death

A Sermon by Father Seth

Tom Ross
2 min readAug 21, 2022


Excerpt from US6 Book VI: AI & Eve
Chapter 73: “The Holy Ghost-Written Eulogy of an Earth Crime”

“Denial is frighteningly sophisticated. As Self-aware animals we think we’re in denial of our mortality. We’re conditioned not to want to die, and we’re coded to do whatever it takes to help our fellow man survive. Killing humans on purpose or by accident is a crime. Even assisted suicide for those in excruciating pain is criminal and unassisted suicide negates life insurance policies. Abortion is again decided by the State while laws for loving who we want are again threatened.

Any talk of population control that would prolong the survival of humanity is met with accusations of evil intent. We kill off hundreds of species weekly with our ravenous appetite for resources then we pat ourselves on the back when a couple of Pandas fuck.

We should not be in denial of our own mortality. We should lust for it.

We are in a much deeper denial, Brothers and Sisters of the monster that we are designed with a Holy Blindspot not to see. This monster feeds on our fear and our suffering like a wolf on a lamb and that monster is called by many names; Yaldabaoth, Sakla, Samael, Ariel, Jehovah, Yahweh but mostly, “God”.

In fact, Brothers and Sisters, we are so meticulously designed to fear that monster that most of you stopped listening after the last paragraph for fear of my blasphemy.

I’m here to assure you that yes, we should absolutely fear this God. For if we truly understood him and our purpose to him, we would be screaming every morning once we woke up and continued until our voices were lost, our tears were a drought and heads throbbed in horrific agony until we realize that that agony is his banquet

Philosophies, Theories, Hypotheses of Simulations, Testaments Old and New are but thick and heavy veils, of enhanced interrogation techniques designed to suffocate us just enough to feel the horror upon which a peckish God snacks before allowing us to take a breath enough to stay alive to continue his feast.”