A.I. & Eve: The US6 Algorithm


Here’s the thing and Shhhh….

This “literary physics” of “tweening”, just as the six character/authors of the novel unveil a space between worlds for the story sandwiched by Newtonian and Quantum Physics, the novel is a tool for mapping that strata with literary markers and known archetypal nodes to act as “Consciousness latches” for thought-torsion.

Calculated Surprises

It’s funny.

One of the first and most pedestrian synchronicity markers was realizing that Emit Archer’s meta-character, the Sumerian god Enki, was later known more widely as Prince​ Ea. Emit Archer’s initials and Prince “Ea” was not on purpose.

Addendum: 05/09/2017

Addendum: 09/23/2020


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