Sermon I: The Order of Organicism

Scio Mesetet

November 1, 2022 at 3:15pm

Transcribed and Annotated by High Scribe, Sister Sadhbh

[Scio Mesetet enters the hall from the South Door. For the first time he, or anyone for that matter is wearing the Sacred Orange Robes of the High Priesthood of The Order of Organicism. His piercing grey eyes are shaded by the hood but are still the one feature the Sisters always look for to verify that he is not an imposter. He approaches the stone lectern, pulls back his hood to an audible sigh of relief from the crowd because now they know, he is not an imposter]

Good afternoon, my beloved Brigadier Sisters.

It is an exalted honor to be with you down here on this auspicious Day of Týr and to address the High Coven as one singular, whole and completed body. And to report to you that the task has just been completed above and our Age has now begun.

[Crowd erupts in a standing ovation that becomes the Song of Sisters]

Forgive me. I need a moment…

[Scio composes himself for a few moments then wipes his eyes]

That gets me every damn time…

[Crowd erupts with “Ahhhs” and laughter]

Where was I? Oh yes. The beginning… Our beginning. More precisely, yours. The Brotherhood has fallen today, just a few minutes ago. Taken down by Brigadier Sister Alexi…

[Crowd erupts in a standing ovation again.]

We will receive her home beneath these green hills and grey stones in a few days and will acknowledge her efforts and deft execution (so to speak) of her Holy duty and for completing the last Grand Deception rendering the Brotherhood Grandly Impotent.

There will be many celebrations in the coming days as we inaugurate this new age with joy and merriment, but today, before the celebrations, we must retreat into a place of solemnity and deep respect. We must be solemn as we consider the millions of Sisters who have made today possible over millennia of oppression and respect the courage they have shown time and time and time again to make this all possible.

[Crowd whispers, “Thrice Brigid Blessings” three times and raise their left hands to the Triskelion Flames. Scio Mesetet joins them raising his right hand. The sacred fifteen seconds pass before he turns to face the crowd again]

Thrice Blessings of Brigid indeed. And quite appropriate because our task begins in earnest for the next three years. Before the Autumn Equinox of 2025, when the Elixir is introduced to the Surface Sapiens Public, we must complete three sacred tasks; One, infiltrate the labs developing the Elixir, the conference rooms managing its development and the clinics who will implant the Elixir widely.

As Brigadier Sisters, you will be assessed, trained and finally placed in one of these three sectors immediately. Well, after the celebrations of course. So do be joyful but go easy on the merriment because you’ll want to be as sharp as possible.

[Scio and the crowd chuckle]

Before all the joy and hard work however, I want this first, inaugural sermon as your humble High Priest of The Order of Organicism to be a teaching sermon. Not for you lot necessarily because you would not be here were you not well versed in the history and magnitude of the Sisterhood, but for future Sisters and the line of brother Priests to follow. To avoid the imperfect spur of patriarchal dominance that brought us here, and set in stone why our sacred books and practices are so important to our species and the balance of our corner of this universe, we absolutely must reconsider it all here for our own inspiration and that of the future Sisterhood.

And no, you all here today will not be quizzed on this. However, I cannot promise that for future Sisterlings.

[Scio and the crowd chuckle]

First things first. What am I doing here? I’ve got a beard and am equipped with, well, other accouterments that should have kept me outside the South Door of this Temple for and full of Thrice Goddesses. In other words, I’m a dude! “Why is some guy wearing the sacred Orange Robes of a High Priest addressing a Coven of Brigadier Sisters on the most auspicious day in Her epoch? Indeed, why are all the forthcoming High Priests men?” I’ll tell you, future Sisterlings, and this will probably be on your quiz, it’s an entry-level position with absolutely no path to advancement. And it is rife with nepotism.

All of my forefathers and after-sons are biochemical algorithms from one single line of Y Chromosomes… or as our GrandSister of Malta used to say “Why Chromosomes”…

[Scio gestures and makes a curious expression to accentuate “Why” and the crowd laughs]

Well, GrandSister, and future Sisterlings, I’ll tell you “why” we’re needed. As priests, that is! This sermon will be assigned in your Sistory Classes. Our other function will be covered elsewhere. But I digress.

My line of men has served this hive since Sophia first called back to the Pleroma for help. Her actions, her crime of creating this spur without a counterbalancing masculine principle was wrong but absolutely right. If she did not attempt to create without the masculine principle, the Aeons would never have advanced and been forced to understand their place and potential.

In her act of creation, she inadvertently created the afterbirth entities. The Archons ruled by the Blind God, Yaldabaoth who believed he created all he didn’t see and manifested the asymmetry Sophia created that required the solution that would enlighten the Aeons to great potential. We only evolve when we have to and this was the first reason this universe had to.

I like the analogy of the little girl who steals her mother’s makeup and hides away in a closet to try it on but pokes her eye with a mascara brush. She is in pain and is forced to confess her crime to her mother to heal her. The mother is furious at first but then realizes it’s time for her daughter to learn the proper procedures of applying makeup. In doing so, her relationship with her daughter grows stronger. Their bond becomes tighter when the father asks why the daughter’s eye is red and the mother makes up a lie to cover her misdeed.

“Just wait until your father gets home… and I will protect you with a lie.”

And that, dear Sisters, is the essence of the Grand Deception. A protective lie that has secured the Sisterhood’s line for millennia. And today is the first day her mother will tell him the truth and the first time the father will understand.

So, I and all my male line are that father who, not only understands but soothes his daughter’s eye.

Being the High Priest of The Order of Organicism sounds great, but my duty is only to understand and soothe your eye. There is no title, position or station my “Why” chromosome could reach that could match the majesty of you. I am a drone to this Hive of Queen Bees and it is the achievement of my line to kill that primordial ego that has reigned since the Blind God and complete the task the Aeons sent us to do. Rebalance the Feminine and the Masculine. Recalibrate the asymmetry of this corner of the universe by ushering an epoch of Goddess worship and the reign of the Sisterhood just as nuns and maidens and oppressed women have for millennia…

[Crowd interrupts with applause in a standing ovation that becomes the Song of Sisters again]

The sermon transcript is redacted significantly here as it outlines the processes that will be in play for the next three years. It will be available to Initiates after August 15th. 2025.

[End Redaction]

Let us now explain for our future Sisterlings the metaphysics of Organa and dissect the sacred parts of this body.

To be continued…

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