The Number of the Yeast

Pope says, “No Gluten-free Wafers”

Why not? It’s symbolic, right?

You’re liturgy-ly, not literally eating the son of man… right?

I can understand the Church’s resistance to fads like premarital sex or homosexuality but gluten allergies aren’t something that cannot be ministered away, save some Christian Science Practitioners. In fact, it can be down-right life-threatening for a few folks. Catholics even.

So what gives?

Rather… taketh away?

I mean, this is the “Cool Pope”, right? Not that he should go so far as to limit soft drink sizes in Vatican City but this is more about Public Safety than Political Correctness.

Not cool, Pope.

A friend of mine was almost a priest. Almost as in the only thing stopping him was his Reason. You holy see, while priests get their teeth into wafers, they’re also supposed to get their heads around the concept of Transubstantiation.

I’ll save you the click.

Transubstantiation: According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, the change of substance by which the bread and wine offered in the sacrifice of the sacrament of the Eucharist during the Mass, become, in reality, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

My meddlesome friend just could not do that. His I.Q. had no fractions that would allow for Magic as Reality. And his integrity and intellectual honesty just could not fake it. Despite his love of the Church and its purpose, that was one hazing too many. But what if my friend was wrong? What if his I.Q. was in the way of something too real to conceive at any I.Q.?

“At the Council of Trent in the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church justified the practice of having the laity receive only the consecrated bread at Communion. Although in the New Testament Jesus is described as saying, “This is my body,” of the bread at the Last Supper and “This cup is the new testament in my blood” of the wine, the council said that Christ “whole and entire” was present in both the bread and the wine. Therefore, the communicant with celiac disease can receive only consecrated wine and still obtain the full spiritual benefit of the sacrament.”
LATimes Opinion, Michael McGough, July 17, 2017

Each delivery system, bread or wine hosts the whole of the Christ. It’s simple Holographic principle. Celiac and Recovering Alcoholics alike can get their hit of Salvation with either a sip or a chip and no Holy Host is the wiser.

With a little more Think Tanking and hand-wringing, my priestly friend may have stumbled upon this principle to rationalize with his Reason and have faith in what it is he truly wanted to believe.

For me, Transubstantiation is a willful act of a believer and I respect those who really get their heads around or teeth into that, or any ritualized approach to mastery.

In my view, the Roman Catholics consolidated that mastery exactly like the Nebuchadnezzars and the Priests of Amun and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. But that’s another article.

I figured it out.

Gluten is a pathway for nanite technology. If we lose a few nodes to Celiac Disease or complications of bad biochemistry, so be it.

Place it in the “Taketh Away” column.

Although “bread” has changed in history and region across the Bible its binary meaning has been whether or not it is leavened or unleavened.

One way to parse that is how Leavened Bread was a symbol of societal status and originated from Egypt. The Jewish Peoples’ custom of eating only unleavened breads during Passover in this view is more of a “Phuck you, Pharaoh and your fancy yeasts!” than a rushed baking job.

I contend though that it may well be about the fancy yeasts.

More specifically the high glycemic fancy yeasts found in bagels and white breads and communion wafers are gluten highways for nanite technology and data.

A New Leash on Life

The Church is suffering losses in believers and more sacredly its members. Fewer of these intelligent biomachines show up every Sunday to have a Priest place a disc on their tongues like an I.T. guy connecting your Ethernet.

Were the Pope to let go of that last tether of chemistry he would be letting go of a two thousand year long leash that no one would be able to grasp again.

Either that or the Gluten-scare is intended to move us back to meat in a way Atkins couldn’t to fuel this Meatrix.

Isaac was supposed to be the end of human sacrifice and Jesus was supposed to be the end of animal sacrifice.

It didn’t take.

To be misconstrued…




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