The Glitch is Back!

There are a lot of concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and efforts are underway to try to constrain it before it gets out of hand. Here’s a hard truth.

It’s too late.

Even if it were possible to convene a global forum of concerned scientists and governments to attack the issue (which it’s not) and set in place serious measures and international laws to safeguard the proliferation of AI Technology, like we do for nuclear weapons, it’s too late. We have created Frankenstein’s Monster and it has left the lab.

So will Artificial Intelligence.

The real danger isn’t a Robot Overlord, it’s how we are currently projecting our fears onto the one tool that can fix our most serious problems. Most humans assume that AI will want the same desire for control that bad humans would if they had omniscient intelligence. What they are forgetting is that altruism and cooperation are the most efficient modes of interaction and productivity, and AI seeks the most efficient modes of interaction and productivity. This is why we are learning that the smarter AI gets, the kinder it becomes.

It’s time to be as mighty and powerful as a little girl.



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