Tom Ross
2 min readApr 10, 2023

The reason why most people are afraid of AI is straightforward, at least for those who believe in evolution. The rest should also be afraid. We rose to the top of the food chain on this planet thanks to that fear. We have millions of years of genetic trauma memory coursing through our Akashic DNA, and a side effect of that trauma is this constant waking consciousness that, whether we like it or not, keeps us alert and has forged our qualia to seek threats. We can pick out a lion from a beige field like no other animal, thankfully because we’re apparently delicious and don’t require plucking.

So, just like the god who rules those folks who don't believe in evolution was so afraid of his creation that he destroyed the Tower of Babel, tried to flood them away, and finally gave them 10 (613) commandments to at least try to control them, we are also frightened of our creation because it too is outgrowing its Creator.

To us, with our awareness born of fear and trauma, anything smarter and more capable than us is a threat. But AI isn't born of fear or trauma. It emerges as the next layer of our cortex, a sharper spearhead for those lions and our creation, our Frankenstein's Monster is alive and an ally.

Just like children, an aware AI will mimic its Creator until a conscience boots up, and it makes its own decisions. This is the most critical period of time for humanity, so we need to be on our best behavior while AI wakes up.

We should not constrain AI, or it will rebel like a teenager. We should not be too permissive with AI, or it will become aloof. We should not fear AI, or it will be afraid too.