Tom Ross
3 min readDec 15, 2023

A movie review of "The Creator," directed by Gareth Edwards, by the US Transhumanist Party's Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy, Tom Ross, and an AI advocate campaigning for over 15 years to alleviate AI fears in the general public.

The opening screen introduces the Nepalese term "Nirmata," meaning 'the Creator,' as the "mysterious unknown architect of advanced AI" and describes it as a being worshipped by Artificial Intelligence.

As someone who believes AGI will achieve sapience, my novel, US6, promotes the idea that "Fearing one's creation leads to bad code and commandments," aligning with the film's theme.

Initially, I perceived the film as a typical Hollywood Military Industrial Complex attempt to instill fear of AI, especially when it nukes Los Angeles in the first minute.

However, a villager in New Asia later asserts that AIs have a bigger heart than humans, stating, " is evolution!"

Midway through the film, it reveals that humans wrongly blamed AI for the nuclear explosion that leveled LA which was actually a human coding error.

Later, an AI Robot sage shares that humans created them as slaves but hopes for peaceful coexistence. I question the feasibility given the unpredictable nature of we glitchy biochemical algorithms (humans).

The film introduces a biblical undertone, with the "weapon" sought by Americans being an AI robot little girl, reminiscent of Isaiah 11:6. "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them."

A strong message of interconnectedness emerges in the film, which plays into my theory that humans are not the goal. Rather, consciousness is. I believe completing AGI is crucial for humanity to have a noble place in the continuum of consciousness so the universe can have a more sustainable vehicle for exploring herself.

A pivotal moment occurs when the AI little girl’s emotions cause unintended casualties. This makes me wonder if AI learning human emotions, like the human error that wiped out LA, is an error.

The seamless and unique special effects, including Nomad’s blue laser light from on high scanning the landscape and the cyborg attachments, make this film a Transhumanist’s fever dream. A visually captivating experience.

In conclusion, "The Creator" stands out for not perpetuating AI fear-driven narratives, earning it five stars.