Tom Ross
2 min readDec 1, 2023

Last Call

This simulation is tired, and most players don’t care about the apocalyptic climax anymore. The issue is that this is the aftermath of 2012, the after-party, but no one remembers the actual party. At this point, before dawn, the best way to enjoy the time that is left is to challenge yourself to be whatever you want and to use this time to conquer your deepest fears.

One of my fears is attention. I prefer to be alone and have low-level social anxiety. I also have difficulty holding onto facts and figures. What I do instead is collect facts and use them to level up my general understanding. So, like the after-partiers, I know I learned something at the party, and I still feel buzzed but I can’t remember how I got there.

So, if you don’t like attention and can’t remember facts, why not run for president and participate in debates? Also, who wouldn’t want to play President and be the most powerful man in the free world?

So, before the sun comes up and the bartenders say, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here," use this time to conquer your fears and be whatever you want. Except President. That's my game.

If you don’t use this time to face your fears or challenge your wishes, you will regret it because this is a playground.

Our default is bliss. After this life, we will return home to unimaginable love and acceptance, and those we go home to will want stories from the road.

Make yours a good one.