Tantric Warfare

The Martial Contemplative Orders of Sororum Serpentis

[Chapter 68 of US6 Book IV: by Brigadier Sister Weaver]

“The Brotherhood’s velvet-lined shame boxes only stalled Her power. Her allure is neglect and the oldest profession claims a priesthood.”

To understand the Sisterhood, Her fight and the rationale for all of the collateral horrors of millennia, just as we lasses did, Surface Sapiens must first grasp the marking system of branches, flames and letters on a Sister’s Left Arm.

It is an intricately precise system of degrees earned and tangents grasped of each Sister’s journey through this hood. And nowhere in her story, nor in the crevices of Her bark lie a man — for there was no separation save what the boredom necessitated.

All that I really recall about my “First Mark”; the first time the tattoo needle met my flesh, was that it hurt like a mother-fucking, titty-sucking, two-balled bitch.

It does mean however that I will never, ever forget my sixth birthday.

From that year forward the tree grows but only when growth is earned or proofs delivered that we understand our station.

Our trees begin rooted at the base of the finger that we represent. This is a simple palmistry type of cartography that identifies every hand’s owner as one of sixth trees. At least that’s the lore and the storyline that followed us until we were fourteen.

“A Fall to Arms” was an Orientation Class that lasted one day and the rest of our lives from six years up. It has no room, no Sister Chief with lessons and no homework. It does have a uniform.

While our Uptop Girlfriends skipped to school in skin-covering garments as modesty, our school encouraged ever more sleeveless a look. The richer and pinker the markings on one’s arm, the further she fell to get here.

Our learning underneath was more a process of remembering than discovery. When Spirit manifests in stewardship of a Soul, it must forget everything. It is an immutable law expressed in the Descent of Inanna and the stripping away of her seven veils.

There are days in our course spent on a little red chair in a large white room answering questions from unseen voices. How we answer is what we remember and the more we remember the further we fell to be here. Those who remember little have jumped from the shallow planes and en masse wind up in the baby pools of Souls.

To understand most of what the Sisterhood is about, what Her penultimate intention is, this “course” demands you. This course is the predicate for the rest of this fourth book in this series and giving it to you as honestly and as directly as I will below was one of the conditions I won in the negotiations with the Council to get you this work faster.

I’ll stop down periodically and describe details of this course as it serves me to explain motivations or serves you to disassociate with me and mine.

You’ve proven to be an intrepid Soul by reading to here. This work is intended to shed Readers as it goes so as to uncover the trimtabs of our times.

So as you read on be like a presumptive presidential candidate who gets a Security Briefing just in case they are elected. You’re too deep into the campaign to pull out and now that the job is really within grasp, your acceptance of the following truths will determine whether or not you are fit for the office.

You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

The Complete Known Branches of the
Martial Contemplative Orders of Sororum Serpentis

There are three schools and skill levels of this discipline referred to as the

· The Order of the Magdals

· The Order of Ishanna

· The Neith Order

The Order of the Magdals

Every Sixling is a Magdal before she ever arrives. This discipline is a fine-tuning of a series of quite instinctual emotional means of gaining attention.

It was coined “Magdal” in honor of Rabbi Priestess Mary Magdaléne’s run in with Peter. The Magdal baseline is any woman who cries to get what she wants. And for a Sixling of the Sisterhood, it’s our first impulse to rise above that white belt tactic.

Another sharp departure from the Surface Sapiens girlhood culture Uptop was that our Sister Chiefs made us own the instinctual manipulative methods to spin them into our favor.

The Uptop girls denied these strengths while sharpening other blades. Yet we don’t disrespect our Surface Sisters. The Surface Sapiens is uptop because they’re badass. But they have no idea how badass and that’s the way it’s had to be. Until now.

Formalized as a Discipline in 325 AD, 33% of all Sisterlings stay Magdals throughout their lives and tend toward occupations that support the Sisterhood Uptop. From Travel Agents to Research Librarians and now Lightworkers, Magdals support the Sisterhood practically and by keeping Golem women occupied and safe away.

The Order of Ishanna

Making up 66% of the Sisterhood, this discipline is as popular as it is necessary. During the “March of the Reds” in 606 BC, when the AnSistery left Babylon in advance of Nebuchadnezzar II’s reign, two branches of the Sisterhood’s original martial meditation practice developed.

Though their martial tactics were the same, one side venerated Inanna, the other; Ishtar. It was like praising Peter to worship Paul and these women knew both were expressions of the same Mother of Gods Salience, but just could not give up their expression. Neither used a Golden Calf but shared the unbegotten daughter’s warrior spirit traits.

Before they settled on the shores of Iberia a generation later, these women came together recognizing that it was the Unbegotten Salience’s will to exert her self-generative powers through the mouths and over the tongues of these mighty women of the snake tribes.

; the most popular form of martial meditation practiced in the Earth but by no means simple.

The Neith Order

While the other two disciplines are referred to as “The Order of the …” and “The Order of…” it is a very purposeful distinction of language.

Magdals are Magdals whether they were ordered together or not. It required an outside influence and organizing intelligence to present an Order to these entities.

The Order of Ishanna also required an outside influence to further refine its Ordering once split, thus the Order came before those who identified it mutually as Ishanna.

As is are the sacred and the mundane mechanics of our reality, freewill exists in the first 1% of experience before it is swallowed in a sea of outer influenced possibilities.

She, the Sophia that is our sentient source chose self-generation in that 1% of a moment and here we are. A self-generating entity is possible and so is divine and must be nurtured as a Tamarind seedling.

The remaining 1% of we Martial Contemplatives in the Sisterhood is of the Neith Order. And that is all approved for disclosure about the third Sister Discipline.

[Chapter 68 of US6 Book IV: by Brigadier Sister Weaver]

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