Silver City

Tom Ross
1 min readNov 21, 2022

Standing still as the cold wind pulls me from the other side of town
Iron pin's all that stands between me and the Silver City ground
It's been a year since the lawmen woke us to find me with her gold
All that was left was an aching head full of what I hadn't sold
Is that train hers?

Through the sack tied around my head I hear the seven forty five
Black train brings her salvation story that can keep this wretch alive
Iced rails let her wheels keep spinning bring the truth that no one knows
Iron horse breathes a black smoke rhythm scare the murder of these crows
Is that train hers?
Is that train hers?

Born a gambler's son in the desert where the oil soaks the West
Orphaned by a Smith and Wesson played too close to the vest
Worked her daddy's derrick for a season 'fore she wandered into sight
Took her hand then I took her virtue on a Silver City night
Is that train hers?