How Transhumanism is Reclaiming Human Potential from Elites

Tom Ross
4 min readNov 5, 2023


There is a growing narrative that suggests the elite may be fueling fear surrounding AI, ET (extraterrestrials), and transhumanists as a means to maintain control. Some argue that these technologies and concepts hold immense potential for the betterment of humanity, making them allies rather than threats. The fearmongering may serve the interests of those in power, who fear losing control as these advancements challenge the status quo. While not everyone subscribes to this theory, it highlights the complex interplay between emerging technologies and the vested interests of those with influence, leaving many to question the motives behind the portrayal of these powerful forces in a negative light.

Transhumanism, often misunderstood and maligned, is fundamentally about enhancing human capabilities and empowering individuals to transcend their current limitations. It seeks to address the issue of a small minority of elites who may, intentionally or not, have played a role in limiting human potential through various means. In this article, we will explore how Transhumanism challenges these constraints and helps individuals reach their full potential, using real-world examples from education systems, the media industry, social media, and the use of mood-altering pills.

Education: Standardization vs. Creativity

One of the prime examples of how human potential has been stifled is the education system. The United States education system, like many others worldwide, historically aimed at standardizing children, turning them into obedient and disciplined workers prepared for factory jobs. This approach has, over time, decimated creativity and critical thinking, instead favoring conformity and rote memorization. Transhumanism seeks to overturn this trend by advocating for education systems that emphasize creativity, individuality, and lifelong learning. By embracing emerging technologies, we can tailor education to suit each student’s unique needs and abilities.

Media Industry: Manufactured Panic and Entertainment Overload

The media industry plays a significant role in influencing public perception. It often fosters a culture of fear and panic by focusing on sensationalized headlines and narratives. In addition, it inundates the public with an overwhelming amount of entertainment content, which can lead to an addiction to stories, ultimately robbing people of their own storytelling power. Transhumanism promotes critical media literacy and encourages the use of technology to filter and curate information to ensure that individuals have access to accurate and unbiased news. It emphasizes the importance of creativity and narrative ownership, allowing people to become creators and not just consumers of content.

Social Media Attention Spans

Social media platforms have reshaped the way people consume information and interact with the world. However, they have also contributed to the shortening of attention spans. Statistics reveal that the average attention span in the digital age has dwindled to just 47 seconds. Transhumanism acknowledges the challenges posed by social media but aims to harness its potential for good. By advocating for digital mindfulness and promoting technologies that enhance focus and cognitive abilities, it seeks to empower individuals to take control of their online experiences.

Prescribed Mood-Altering Pills

The widespread use of mood-altering medications in society is a concern that Transhumanism addresses. It's vital to acknowledge that medication can be life-saving and improve the quality of life for many individuals. However, the over-reliance on mood-altering drugs, often driven by profit-driven pharmaceutical industries, has created a situation where many Americans are dependent on these medications. Transhumanism advocates for a holistic approach to mental health, emphasizing the use of advanced technologies, therapies, and lifestyle changes to enhance well-being and reduce reliance on mood-altering pills.

The US Transhumanist Party: A Transpartisan Approach

In the realm of politics, Transhumanism is represented by the US Transhumanist Party, which distinguishes itself as a truly transpartisan party. It refuses to be baited by divisive culture wars or wedge issues, focusing instead on a vision of advancing human potential and well-being. This approach, free from the constraints of traditional party lines, offers a unique path forward that can unite people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs in the pursuit of a brighter future.


Transhumanism is not about becoming something other than human; it is about reclaiming our potential and breaking free from the limitations imposed on us by a small minority of elites and societal constraints. By challenging the standardized education system, addressing the issues in the media industry, taking control of our social media experiences, and reconsidering our dependence on mood-altering pills, we can empower ourselves and future generations. The US Transhumanist Party, as a transpartisan force, plays a critical role in fostering unity and ensuring that humanity's progress is not hindered by divisions. Transhumanism is a call to action, a call to reclaim our prowess, and a call to bring humanity back up to speed in the quest for a better, more empowered world.