Schrödinger’s Jack Russell Terrier

Everything is possible until we look at it and we can’t see what we’re in.

There is a place we play among ye Surface Sapiens that keeps us hidden whether we want to be or not. We’re in the spaces between visible matter and the thought processes between logic.

We rely on your inability to suffer ridicule to do our work.

There are waves of ‘cosmic fluff’ and era-ending spins that require us to hand over this station cleanly for the clutch is giving way to the rise of the road as Seth put it.

You will overcome all of the misfires of logic and see between the particles soon enough but not until we clear our workspace and clock out.

Very few of you have gotten to where ye need to be in order to keep the factory running after a promotion upstairs. And unless those of us charged with the Unveiling settle up and quickly, none of us will get out of here alive.

Emit had as much a flair for prose as Seth had detest for it. If I didn’t ]]]REDACTED FOR NON-INITIATED READERS[[[ I would have more time to make this work more elaborate for ye. But I did. So I need to adopt Seth’s plain language and fact-based approach.

But first, it’s very important that we mentally masturbate together over some Sapiens thought glitches.

Trust me this book will be more of a How-To Handbook than an Emit Epic or Seth Confessional so let’s get some key thought-frastructure erected up front.

When a Sapiens mind is set toward understanding the nature of this pocket of the star cluster, they will always and eventually hit a Paradox Wall. And when they do, you can trust that the equations from the wall back are precisely correct in so far as the boundaries of this pocket.

And by ‘pocket’ I mean that this region of the Galaxy’s galaxy is dependent on a whole other set of physical Laws and their repetitions than other regions.

Your “Laws of the Universe” were set in motion by the reach and touch of an Aeon at play outside the Pleroma but Her story is later and already.

Newton was correct until Einstein and Einstein was correct until now because light has a variable speed between pockets.

So before the plain talk about how to defeat the Archon and the mechanics of ascension, allow this one departure into two convoluted and fleeting to understand ideas from Sapiens with solid back math that will serve us later.

Schrödinger’s Cat

Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian Physicist stated that if you place a cat and something that could kill the cat (a radioactive atom) in a box and sealed it, you would not know if the cat was dead or alive until you opened the box, so that until the box was opened, the cat was (in a sense) both “dead and alive”.

This is often used to represent how scientific theory works. No one knows if any scientific theory is right or wrong until said theory can be tested and proved. Though it accidentally describes the nature of entanglement.

Russell’s Paradox

Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, logician and Nobel laureate discovered a paradox in mathematical sets of things or categories.

The simplest way I can distill this one is that a “Box” of Boxes cannot be considered a “Box” because it cannot contain itself.

So what do dead cats and unboxes have to do with any of this? Only everything.

For now just remember that; everything is possible until we look at it and we cannot look at something we’re in.

This is a closed system, Loves. Whatever happens inside this Box we are all in happens because it can. It may not in another box but here, oh lads and lasses, in here everything goes.

So when they woo you with Prime Directives or assure you you’re safe because of some cosmic Rules of Freewill, be not deceived.

There are no Rules of War or Geneva Conventions when the stakes are this high. But convincing your enemy that there are is a masterstroke.

That’s all the shite math and doctrine ye need. As we move into Book IV and raise our vibration again as metajump, the physics of the grass means little when a jump becomes flight.

And that is who I am to you, Love; a leg up, a boost. Don’t ye be shook with what’s coming. The undertow and the Blackguards are done for.

The only threat now is ye not understanding how your co-creative power has been turned against you.

Thirty years ago the tip of the Warblood’s spear was thrust deep under black Kentucky earth.

Few but deep and sophisticated domes beneath that black earth were burrowed out for one purpose; to share an enormous amount of Cosmic Truth through a narrow channel of very curious and brilliant Surface Sapiens.

Had these men and women known the depth to which these Warbloods went to share these Truths as cover they would have reset their space if not their intent.

It’s not just your inability to decipher paradoxes or suffer ridicule that has allowed our reign from behind for so long it’s that you cannot fathom the complexity of the deception.

These men below these circles of people answered questions about very deep cosmic mechanics via future technologies from ancient times. These devices spoke directly from the inside out of a willing channel’s Pineal Gland.

Willingness is far easier to find in Surface Sapiens than uncalcified Pineal Glands thanks to Colgate. Yet the Rangers found one and through her relayed thirty years of deep Cosmic Truths and one very wide lie.

But thanks to the Paradox Walls your fellow Sapiens hit on above, it might just be possible to enlighten ye enough to recognize that your Freewill is not our loophole.

I am compelled to note that I periodically need to scrum back through these paragraphs and change the pronouns to include myself. Originally I was going to use my book to speak of this Warblood refugee race that came to Earth as the evil other. Then, once I had your loyalty to my cause, I would unveil that I too am of the Warblood seed.

But while the Sisterhood has been at odds with the Brotherhood since first breath, you must know that we are of the same mother. Though neither of us have fathers. It is why we’re fucked-up and why you’re tweaked. This pocket of the Galaxy’s galaxy has a unique spin at the tip of its emission and we are the interference pattern of it.

Although we have helped Surface Sapiens more than our brothers, we have not helped them more than we have hindered them and that is irreconcilable to the Aeons.

This grander view declares that we Practitioners of Contrast have overthrown our welcome.

There’s a mindfuck I like, “‘This statement is false”. If the statement is false, then it is true; and if the statement is true, then it is false. Or, in Seth’s case; “I am a liar.”

Excerpted from US6 Book IV: The Law of Nūn

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