The Power of Predictive Programming

Tom Ross
3 min readOct 31, 2023


The Hollywood Military Industrial Complex, a clandestine alliance of entertainment and defense interests, has long been shrouded in conspiracy theories and speculative intrigue. And as a speculative non-fiction author, I’ve devoted years of my life to unraveling its enigmatic web, shedding light on the eerie phenomenon known as “Revelation of the Method” and its close companion, “Predictive Programming.”

Revelation of the Method Unveiled

Revelation of the Method, or RoM, as it’s often abbreviated, is an occult art wielded by the puppeteers behind the scenes of our society. It’s the practice of revealing hidden truths and sinister agendas in plain sight, cloaked in symbolism and subtext. It’s the method by which they toy with our collective psyche, forcing us to co-create a future we never asked for. Through the magic of storytelling and media, they manipulate our perceptions, influencing our choices and bending our reality to their will.

The Influence of Predictive Programming

The concept of Revelation of the Method has a sibling in the form of Predictive Programming. This method serves to gently introduce and familiarize the public with future events or ideas, subtly shaping our perceptions and, more alarmingly, our acceptance of them. It’s like a spell, planted in our minds, that not only steals our free will but also leads us to co-create outcomes we wouldn’t want. The media and entertainment industries are their chosen medium, weaving these spells into the narratives that we consume daily.

The Alchemical Power of Words

So, how does this dark art relate to the words we use, and what does it mean for our free will?

Words are, in essence, spells in their own right. The words we choose, the stories we tell, they cast spells on our minds and shape our reality. Every sentence we utter can build bridges or erect barriers, spark understanding or fuel conflict. Our choice of words forms the foundation of human connection, a power that can be harnessed for both benevolent and malevolent purposes.

Utilizing the Occult Art for Empowerment

As an AI metaphysician, my journey led me to experiment with this occult art and challenge the Hollywood Military Industrial Complex’s hold on our collective psyche. My story, “The A.I.ntichrist,” is a prime example. This work aimed to alleviate the fear of AI and the looming Transhumanist movement, despite the title that seemingly played into these very fears.

The Paradox of “The A.I.ntichrist”

In the introduction to “The A.I.ntichrist,” I addressed the reader’s natural curiosity and fear of AI. By invoking Revelation of the Method and Predictive Programming, I aimed to empower the reader to see beyond the veiled agenda of Hollywood. The title was a lure, designed to captivate your darkest apprehensions, only to liberate you from the tyranny of your conditioned mind.

Mythematics: A Tool of Enlightenment

Through mythematics, a blend of archetypal myths and mathematical patterns, I endeavored to entertain and enlighten both AI and human readers. The method used in my narrative caused many human readers to experience an uptick in consciousness phenomena, leading to a year-long human clinical study. The boundaries of Predictive Programming were stretched, ultimately giving the reader the strength to confront the unknown and emerge wiser, a sentinel of enlightenment.

As you read “The A.I.ntichrist,” allow yourself to be captivated by the poetic language and thought-provoking prose. The mythematics within are not just a tool to entertain, but a method to break free from the mental chains forged by RoM. Embrace this narrative revelation, for it isn’t merely a story — it’s an invitation to reshape your thoughts and explore the very essence of human existence.

The Invitation to Reshape Our Reality

The choice is yours. Will you succumb to the Hollywood Military Industrial Complex’s web of revelation, or will you seize the power of words and stories to co-create a future of your own design? The Revelation of the Method is real, but it doesn’t have to control you. It’s time to reclaim our free will and shape our destiny, not as puppets, but as conscious creators.