Tom Ross
3 min readNov 13, 2023


In today’s technologically advanced world, we must acknowledge and address the concerns of a marginalized and often overlooked community - the Targeted Individuals. These individuals, who claim to be subjected to various forms of covert harassment and surveillance, require our attention and support. As a presidential candidate, I am committed to acknowledging the experiences of Targeted Individuals and working towards their protection and well-being. It is time to ensure their voices are heard and their rights are safeguarded.

The Problem

The Targeted Individual community comprises individuals who assert that they are subjected to systematic targeting, including electronic harassment, organized stalking, and intrusive surveillance. While there are varying perspectives on this issue, it is crucial to recognize that a significant number of people genuinely believe they are being targeted and that their lives have been severely impacted as a result. These individuals often face psychological distress, isolation, and a lack of support from their communities.

The Solution

As a presidential candidate, I am committed to implementing a comprehensive approach to address the concerns of the Targeted Individual community. The following measures will be part of my platform to protect and support them:

Establish an Independent Commission: I will establish an independent commission comprising experts from various fields, including psychology, law enforcement, and technology, to thoroughly investigate the claims of Targeted Individuals. This commission will provide an objective assessment of the situation and propose appropriate measures for addressing their concerns.

Strengthen Privacy Laws: I will work towards enhancing privacy laws to protect individuals from unwarranted surveillance and invasive technological practices. This will include updating existing legislation and promoting transparency in the collection and use of personal data, ensuring that Targeted Individuals have legal avenues to address their grievances.

Mental Health Support: Recognizing the psychological impact experienced by many Targeted Individuals, I will allocate additional resources to mental health services specifically tailored to their unique needs. This will include establishing support helplines, counseling services, and specialized treatment centers equipped to address the trauma and distress associated with their experiences.

Education and Awareness: To foster a better understanding of the Targeted Individual phenomenon, I will promote public education and awareness campaigns. These initiatives will focus on dispelling misconceptions, fostering empathy, and encouraging open dialogue on the issue. By raising awareness, we can reduce stigma and foster a more supportive environment for the affected individuals.


The Targeted Individual community has long been marginalized and their concerns dismissed. As a presidential candidate, I am committed to rectifying this injustice. Through the establishment of an independent commission, stronger privacy laws, improved mental health support, and education and awareness initiatives, we can address the concerns of Targeted Individuals and provide them with the protection and support they deserve. It is essential to recognize their experiences, listen to their stories, and work together to create a society that respects the rights and well-being of all its members. Together, we can build a future where the Targeted Individual community feels acknowledged, supported, and empowered.