Out of nowhere it seems, I'm suddenly inspired to do a 2.0 version of Open Source Mode. Thank goodness because I've been in a void of apathy for longer than I care to admit.

Part of the reason for this inspiration is its necessity. I’m deep into management training with a major corporation that has many brilliant tools for managers to make their teams and operations efficient and effective. Almost too many. I can’t wait to use some of them but I know I’ll forget about most of them after each module’s assessment test.

This made me start thinking about how our brains aren't really being used properly. How I wish I could find a use for all of these brilliant tools but know that I made end up using one or two once I get into the day-to-day operations.

AI could decide for me what tool to use or even execute the tool themselves if I know how to correctly relay my needs to it. Hell, AI could tell me how to correctly relay my needs to it.

OSM 1.0 was about making a group of humans more effective through inclusivity, empathy and coalescence.

This TEDx Talk was back in 2013 and I said nothing about AI Coworkers then or I’d have been laughed off the big red circle. Now everyone is aware of AI’s capabilities and how it can augment us almost every way.


Where AI can't augment us is where we need to focus. That sliver of capability is where we need to start teaching our children. Generations of human capability have been wasted thanks to the Industrial Age. A necessary Age but one that we need to move beyond now to recapture our human potential.


Intuition, psychic abilities, premonitions are not woo woo or magical thinking. These are the end result of all the subconscious recording of stimuli we pick up every waking moment. Just as developers can’t determine how Deep Learning Machines arrive at their answers, when humans have a strong intuition about a choice and that choice works we relegate it to parapsychology. Eventually we will understand how AI’s arrive at their solutions but long before we understand how we do.

For example, an AI can offer a pathologist a brilliant diagnosis based on a patient’s symptoms and millions of bits of historical data but if something about that diagnosis doesn’t sit right for that human pathologist, it should be run through again.

THAT'S the sliver of capability we need to train to and foster. That's the tool, the qualia of our superintelligence that no AI can match. Yet.

So OSM 2.0 will mention AI Coworkers and it will be about developing groups of humans into MetaOrganisms based on our unique qualia that can’t be automated or coded. It will be about how to augment our future with AI and see ourselves, not AI as the next layer of cortex of our brains.



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