Tom Ross
1 min readNov 13, 2022

Corporate and Social Media algorithms are desperately trying to divide us and spark a Civil War to increase our engagement and their profits.

And it's working.

I’m sharing this TEDx Talk because it outlines a better problem solving method and because it’s relevant before the Midterms. It talks about the existential threat of Exclusivity and our primal need to belong to a group which can ironically threaten our species.

TEDx Talk:

This is a very dangerous time in America. As Humans we are Biochemical Algorithms and our emotions are driven by this chemistry. This makes us easily coerced by Digital Algorithms that flood our News Feeds with stories that satisfy our biases and poke at our fears.

This is why we're on the edge of Civil War. Not because there are real policy divisions or because the other side is actually evil. It's because the elite 1% wants to make money off our instability and anger just as they did in the last Civil War.

We're so much smarter than this, folks. It's our last chance to call down our Better Angels to join forces with our Human Superpower - Empathy.