Tom Ross
2 min readApr 8


I’ve seen a couple of these images on Social Media lately. I think the message is about how AI Robots will put us out of work.

Sure, that could happen, it is happening, but to me these images are less about being replaced by AI and more about us not rising to the occasion of our next Golden Age.

It shows a human who has stayed in their comfort zone of complaining about change instead of doing what humans do best — adapt and evolve.

We have a real opportunity here to remember what it means to be human and refind our Jedi powers to create a whole new economy based on what we do best that can’t be coded or automated.

With AI taking over the white collar jobs first and Automation taking over the blue collar jobs next, we get a chance to choose the collar color now.

And everyone looks good in gold.

So, stop complaining about the inevitable. Stop whining about losing the jobs we hate. Either find a comfortable spot on the sidewalk out of the Sun or start building the next economy directly in it.

This is our way.