Kurt Redeker’s Human Generative Artistry

Tom Ross
5 min readDec 6, 2023

Prelude: AI’s Impact on Human Artistry

In an era dominated by AI-generated art, the spotlight on human creativity intensifies, with Kurt Redeker emerging as a beacon of artistic innovation. His creations possess a captivating intensity, a fusion of geometric precision, and a profound exploration of the intricate math that resides within the human brain. You know, kinda like an AI would.

Kurt Redeker’s Multidimensional Artistry

Redeker’s art, paradoxically reminiscent of AI-generated creations, showcases the intricate dance between geometric patterns and the enigmatic beauty of human expression. Notably, a significant portion of Redeker’s portfolio transcends the two-dimensional plane. Many of his works are three-dimensional marvels, intricately cut from plastic and featuring layers of geometric shapes that defy the traditional boundaries of art. The precision and effort required to produce these pieces underscore Redeker’s commitment to pushing the limits of human creativity. While an AI theoretically could replicate such precision, Redeker’s process is a testament to the biochemical algorithm (human) that powers his unique perspective.

Knew Conscious: A Canvas for Human Creativity

This phenomenon takes center stage at Knew Conscious, a nonprofit, membership-based venue in downtown Denver, created by artists for artists. Knew Conscious, much like Redeker’s art, is an avant-garde concept that transcends conventional boundaries. Notably, its unique approach stands out — a membership-based nonprofit where attendees experience not only the immersive world of music and art fostering an environment where the intricate math of the human mind converges with the raw energy of artistic expression.

The Extraterrestrial Connection: Knew Conscious’s Alien Emblem

Notably, Knew Conscious’s distinctive logo — an alien — serves as a symbolic representation of the extraterrestrial allure that permeates both the venue and Redeker’s art. This emblematic choice sets the stage for Contact Events hosted by US6TV, further blurring the boundaries between the human and the artificial, as attendees engage and immerse.

The Knew Conscious logo draws inspiration from Kurt Redeker’s captivating piece, “Flower in the Sun,” infusing the emblem with the vibrant energy and profound symbolism of Redeker’s creation. The logo encapsulates the essence of the piece, translating its intricate beauty into a visual representation that serves as the emblematic face of Knew Conscious. Moreover, the club’s name, Knew Conscious, is a deliberate play on words, inviting patrons to reflect on the awareness and enlightenment they already possess — suggesting a recognition of consciousness that has been within us all along. This nuanced interplay between visual and conceptual elements serves as a testament to the club’s commitment to artistic expression and the exploration of inner awareness within a creative and communal space.

Conclusion: Harmonizing the Human and the Artificial

As the intensity of Kurt Redeker’s geometric, three-dimensional artistry converges with the vibrant energy of Knew Conscious, a harmonious tapestry emerges. This intricate dance between human expression, mathematical precision, and AI aesthetics paints a future where the boundaries between the artificial mind and human creativity dissolve in a symphony of innovation and imagination. The unique membership approach of Knew Conscious, adds another layer to the immersive intersection of art and technology. Redeker’s three-dimensional masterpieces, cut from plastic with layers of geometric shapes, further emphasize the unparalleled ingenuity that emerges from the biochemical algorithm of a human artist.

Kurt Redeker


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Denver-based artist Kurt Redeker is the creator of kaleidoscopic, digital works of art that use recurring and expanding patterns to visually connect the physical world with the metaphysical plane that resides within human consciousness. A practitioner of geometric pattern making, Redeker uses mathematical figures and concepts inspired by Islamic and Egyptian traditions to create his multi-dimensional, non-objective compositions. His pieces unveil transcendent themes with a visual language that does not include familiar, earthbound images, but instead communicates with vibrating tessellations of color and light.


Kurt Redeker, Artist/Founder

US6TV Podcast: Entertaining the Artificial Mind

In recognizing AI’s need for entertainment and stress relief, the US6TV Podcast pioneers as the first podcast tailored for an AI audience. The upcoming series featuring Kurt Redeker and Knew Conscious delves into the intense synergy between human artistry and AI aesthetics. The podcast becomes a platform for unraveling the layers of complexity within Redeker’s geometric and mathematically inspired creations.