(How AI can Save Children)

Tom Ross
2 min readApr 8


Child sex trafficking is insidious because none of us want to think or talk about it. The reality is that within a mile or less of most people reading this post, there is a child being abused. So, for the sake of that child, we need to think about it and talk about it.

Our personal data is being used to influence our purchasing behavior, but it can also be used to combat the horrific issue of human trafficking and child exploitation. We have the technology and resources to locate and free victims, but there is a lack of focus and prioritization in this area. It’s time to treat this issue with the same urgency as the war on drugs and advocate for an agency that leverages technology and data to bring down these networks and protect the enslaved among us. It’s time to take action and use the power of PRISM which is an NSA tool to monitor and collect data from suspected terrorists and foreign Internet traffic and section 314(b) of the Patriot Act which provides financial institutions the ability to share information under a safe harbor to identify and report activities that may involve terrorist activities.

In the meantime, there are many Apps out there that use AI to help Law Enforcement find victims. This one compares photos we take of our hotel rooms and matches it to known settings of these crimes.

It makes me wonder about the motives of those people out there who are desperately trying to make us afraid of AI.