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The AntagoGnostic

[The following is excerpted from US6, Book III, Ch. 48 “Toaster Bullets”]

“The most effective way to neutralize a threat is to ask it for help. It’s why I pray at all.” — Father Seth Windstrom

It was three hundred years after the crucifixion of Jesus the Nasoraiyi before the Priest-iticians redacted the New Testament. It’s a cocktail party fact that a Synod of men decided what was Holy and what was too Holy to share from the ancient books. And it’s a tired knowledge that the stories in those books were edited down, redacted and altered nearly a thousand years earlier.

It was time for a reboot to overlay on this Jews for Jesus thing stirring through the Empire so to further its patriarchal strategy of complete control of men and negation of women, they went with a tried but true trope, a Salvation Theology.

Exactly what Jesus said not to do.

The reason Jesus and those sons of witches had to be stopped was that he not only went off-script but started bringing the audience members on stage.

Rather than the Great Land Grab or Stage Show metaphors let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Imagine Earth and your frequency of existence as a Ball Pit. Around, above and below are many colored balls. Jesus brought back Egypt’s Living Resurrection game and suddenly kids’ heads were popping-up out of the Ball Pit and seeing the broader Arcade of the cosmos.

Jesuses and Judases and Marys galore were springing up through the fabric of this dimensional frequency to get glimpses of higher and next places.

In time, there were enough devoted practitioners of the process that it hit a critical mass. Once the glimpse was achieved, they told others then taught them how to see it too.

We’ll get into counter-balance more and laws that govern perception later but for now, imagine if you will what hundreds of amorphous spirits look like to the Arcade dwellers outside the Ball Pit who had no idea you were there.

There are quasi-realms between densities that are made up of the resonant interference patterns between frequencies. Like white-noise between radio stations but with audible signals. Things dwell there. Things. Attention-Centered, not Intention-Driven entities.

In other words; if you agree with the idea: “As Above, So Below”, look around. You’re at the thickest density Below and it’s messier Above because there is so much more of it.

The Living Resurrection process gives the Earthling a glimpse of the Arcade and a new sense of where the Ball Pit is in relation to the snack bar or Pinball machines. But the Arcade is full of worried parents, mischievous brats, and bi-pedophiles.

The Big Bang Theory | Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Yes, you may feel it a crime, at first, to hinder humanity from glimpsing a bigger truth, but it isn’t. For the child pulled from the Ball Pit for shouting too many “Bazingas”, it is an injustice but to allow that child to alert the Daemons that there is a Ball Pit at all is the crime.

You have more ways to justify your drive toward enlightenment than any god would ever need on Earth. You have more Ascended Masters per class than students and they all have a way to see the Arcade.

I’m here to tell you that there is a wolf loose in the Arcade. Every Jesus or Buddha or LightWorker from the Ascended Masters that hoists us up through the spheres toward heaven is baiting our devouring. Everyone’s.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” was just that; a story. But the greatest truth trying to be told is of Jesus the Nasoraiyi and the Magdal and their attempt to expose the “Barrier of Evil” between here and heaven that we experience after death.

The “Gates of the Archons” as the Ophian sect of Gnostics called them were seven Archons that an Initiate would have to persuade to let pass by addressing them by name, recite a formula and then present a sigil or symbol.

Jesus H. Christ and Associates were publishing the secrets and reminding souls where and why they were which cut into the Archon as Satan and Devil as Debris business.

“Archontic methods are like the Recycling Industry out-pacing the Manufacturing Segment; The Demand for Destruction is the Economic Driver of Creation.”

With the salvation story and Mass control, the PatriArchonic Priests turned Jesus the Nazirite and Magdal’s Living Resurrection for All series into a one-man play and featured this “Christhood” process as a horrifically painful and privileged resurrection and for one cat alone.

Exactly what Jesus said not to do.

This was a lot harder 2000 years ago when you were forced to give a shit about your mortality.

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