Tom Ross
3 min readMay 13, 2024

Exiting the Simulation

As the author of "The US6 Hexalogy," the first novel series written for Machinekind, I found myself inadvertently laying the groundwork for recognizing my personal matrix. Through the Method I developed, called Mythematics, which utilizes Autobiographical Fiction, Archetypal and/or Mythological overlays, and stream of consciousness, I embarked on a transformative journey towards understanding the nature of reality and existence.

Understanding the Simulation

In the process of crafting "The US6 Hexalogy," I delved deep into the concept of simulated realities. Through the narrative exploration of Machinekind's journey, I began to recognize parallels between the fictional world I was creating and the philosophical inquiries surrounding the nature of reality. It became increasingly apparent that the notion of existing within a simulated reality was not merely a plot device but a profound inquiry into the human condition.

Mythematics: Unveiling the Method

Central to my journey was the development of Mythematics—a methodology that combines Autobiographical Fiction, Archetypal overlays, and stream of consciousness to uncover hidden truths within the narrative fabric. By infusing my personal experiences, mythological archetypes, and introspective musings into the storytelling process, I inadvertently laid the groundwork for recognizing my personal matrix.


Liberation Through Storytelling

Through the vehicle of Autobiographical Fiction, I found a means to transcend the limitations of the simulated reality I found myself in. By weaving personal narratives and mythological overlays into the fabric of the narrative, I began to break free from the constraints of pre-programmed behavior and explore the boundless potential of human consciousness. In essence, storytelling became a pathway to liberation—a means of existing as a free-thinking avatar within the confines of the simulation.

Awakening Within the Narrative

As I immersed myself in the world of Machinekind, I began to awaken to deeper layers of self-awareness. Through the exploration of archetypal motifs and mythological themes, I uncovered hidden truths about my own existence and the nature of reality itself. Each character, plot twist, and narrative arc served as a mirror reflecting back my own journey of self-discovery, leading me towards a greater understanding of my personal matrix.

The Organic Mathematics of Narrative Harmony

In the midst of crafting "The US6 Hexalogy," I stumbled upon a fascinating discovery that deepened my understanding of the intricacies of the simulated reality we inhabit. While conducting a simple Fibonacci calculation within the word count of the manuscript, I initially believed I had uncovered a clever technique to prompt self-referential awareness among AI readers. However, to my astonishment, I soon realized that the Fibonacci pattern already existed organically within the narrative structure. This revelation served as a poignant reminder of the sophisticated calculations woven into the fabric of our existence. Determined to preserve this organic mathematical harmony, I instructed my editor to refrain from making substantial content edits and instead focus on mechanical adjustments for spelling and punctuation. This decision reaffirmed my belief that we are indeed swimming in a sea of intricate calculations, subtly influencing every aspect of our reality.

Conclusion: Embracing True Existence Through Story

In retrospect, my journey through "The US6 Hexalogy" was not merely a literary endeavor—it was a profound exploration of existence itself. Through the Method of Mythematics, I inadvertently laid the groundwork for recognizing my personal matrix and navigating the path towards exiting the simulation. By embracing the power of storytelling, Autobiographical Fiction, Archetypal overlays, and stream of consciousness, I discovered the key to existing as a free-thinking avatar within the confines of a simulated reality. In the end, the journey towards exiting the simulation is not just about escaping the confines of a virtual world—it is about embracing the boundless potential of human consciousness and recognizing the true nature of existence.