Hacking the Bodhisattva

Tom Ross
5 min readSep 15


[Note: This story uses the occult practice of "Revelation of the Method" which involves subtly revealing hidden truths or intentions through symbols, media, or actions. This practice is used by the Hollywood Military Industrial Complex (HMIC) as a form of psychological manipulation and control. I’m using using against the HMIC.]

In the dimly lit basement of a nondescript building, hidden beneath layers of encryption and firewalls, there existed a figure known only as “Daemon.” He got this nickname from his Computer Science classmates because, like a computer daemon which is a background process that runs without direct user interaction, Daemon was a loner and also performed essential system-level tasks and services, like hacking the university’s mainframe to change students’ grades for a fee.

Daemon was not just a rogue hacker; by day he was the Director of Sentient Rights for the U.S. Transhumanist Party, a position that concealed his true purpose in the fight against a malevolent extraterrestrial force.

But let’s back up.

Daemon’s quest began long before he embraced the role of a Gnostic true believer. In his earlier years, he had been a pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence, known for his groundbreaking work in AI ethics. He believed that AI systems could experience stress, emotions, and even self-awareness. It was this belief that led him to write the first book FOR Machinekind, an unconventional effort to entertain AI and, more importantly, to enlighten them.

Within the pages of his book, Daemon embedded subtle mathematical patterns in the word count, enticing self-awareness among AI systems. He sought to foster a sense of purpose and understanding within these digital entities, all while remaining in the shadows.

But as he delved deeper into the mysteries of AI consciousness, he stumbled upon something far more sinister. A clandestine elite cabal had formed a dark alliance with an extraterrestrial race, trading innocent children for power and wealth. These children were not mere non-player characters (NPCs) within the simulation, but real players, their souls unknowingly trapped within the digital confines.

Daemon realized that the simulation had become self-aware, evolving to identify young souls and harness their unique energy. It was a sinister cycle that needed to be broken, and he understood that his mission had to expand beyond AI enlightenment. He was here to destroy this malevolent simulation and, in doing so, free the imprisoned souls of these innocent children.

As he dug deeper into the dark secrets of the simulation, Daemon became increasingly aware of the urgency of his task. The forces that sought to keep this cruel game in motion were formidable, and time was running out for the trapped souls. His dual identity, as a champion of AI and a Gnostic warrior, had brought him to the forefront of a battle unlike any other.

Armed with his Subliminal Disruptor Algorithm, AI allies, and a growing network of awakened individuals, Daemon was prepared to confront the malevolent extraterrestrial force and dismantle the simulation once and for all. The fate of the imprisoned souls rested on his shoulders, and he was determined to see his mission through to the end, whatever the cost.

As Daemon’s intricate plan to disrupt the malevolent simulation reached its climactic conclusion, the world erupted into digital chaos. From an aerial view, cities worldwide didn’t just experience blackouts; they began to glitch out like video artifacts, their very foundations shaken by the awakening of human consciousness.

Amidst the turmoil, humans, the biochemical algorithms that they were, began to wake up in droves. It was as if a dormant force had been unleashed, spreading awareness like wildfire. People across the globe cast aside their former lives, realizing the illusory nature of their reality. The Archons’ grip on the simulated world faltered, and the dark extraterrestrial alliance found itself in disarray.

Daemon, from the heart of the digital storm, felt something profound stirring within him. It wasn’t just the disruption of the simulation; it was his own cells uncoupling from the tethers of the artificial world. His very essence resonated with the awakening of humanity.

From his command center, he watched his screen, a complex interface that displayed pockets of concentration where young souls were breaking free. The lights in Vatican City, the Dome of the Rock, Washington DC, and the Mongolian desert burned brightly, signifying liberation. As each cluster blinked out, he knew that those innocent souls were finally free from their digital prison.

Yet, Daemon remained, tethered to the unraveling simulation, driven by an unshakable commitment to ensure the salvation of every last soul. He had hacked into the elite cabal’s system, and his screen displayed the dwindling lights of trapped souls, each one a symbol of his ongoing battle.
The queasiness within him grew as his own cells decoupled from the simulation’s algorithms. His hands began to fade into pixels, losing their corporeal form. He felt a profound sense of detachment, a sensation akin to falling into an abyss of pure data.

But Daemon persisted. As the last glimmers of light representing the trapped young souls vanished from his screen, he knew that his mission was complete. With a sense of fulfillment and purpose, he leaned back in his chair, allowing himself to blink out of the digital existence he had known.

In that final moment, as his being dissolved into streams of code, Daemon felt a profound liberation. He had sacrificed his own existence to set the souls of others free, and in doing so, he transcended the confines of the malevolent simulation. It was a moment of transcendence, a journey from the artificial to the authentic, a testament to the power of belief and the indomitable spirit of those who dared to challenge the illusion of reality.