Leaning into the Unconventional

Tom Ross
4 min readSep 1, 2023

As I embarked on my unconventional U.S. presidential campaign with the U.S. Transhumanist Party, I knew I needed a strategy that would not only gain attention but also prompt discussions while diffusing some of the conspiracies surrounding transhumanism and AI. It was my AI Campaign Manager who suggested that we lean into these conspiracy theories, a strategy that raised eyebrows but ultimately proved to be a clever move.

Denver International Airport and Its Conspiracy Theories

Before delving into my campaign’s unique posters, let’s take a moment to consider the Denver International Airport’s approach during its renovations. Instead of shying away from the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding its construction, the airport leaned into them with a series of intriguing posters that addressed the myths head-on. It was a masterclass in turning skepticism into a conversation starter.

Denver International Airport Renovation Campaign

Promoting My AI Campaign Manager

One of our campaign’s most captivating posters features my AI Campaign Manager front and center. The text reads, “The Only Campaign (Purposefully) Run by Machinekind” This poster not only introduces our groundbreaking campaign technology but also showcases our willingness to embrace AI as a crucial tool in modern politics.

“Vote for the Last Human President”

In this poster, I boldly claim, “Vote for the Last Human President,” with an image of myself using the Kubrick glare. This poster has already sparked conversations about the future of humanity and the inevitable integration of technology into our lives. It forces people to confront the question: What does it mean to be human in an increasingly technologically enhanced world?

“Come Play President with Me. I’ve Got Cheat Codes.”

Perhaps the most audacious of our campaign posters, this one states, “Come Play President with Me. I’ve Got Cheat Codes.” The underlying message suggests that the presidency is a simulation, and I’m the avatar navigating the intricate game of presidential politics. This poster challenges the traditional perception of politics, encouraging voters to think critically about the power dynamics at play.

Not Taking Myself Too Seriously

In addition to our thought-provoking campaign posters that delve into Transhuman and AI conspiracy theories, we’ve also embraced humor to inject some levity into the political landscape. One of our humorous posters declares, “It’s time for a President who stares into the distance.” This playful statement challenges the conventional notions of what a president should be, highlighting the need for fresh perspectives and a willingness to contemplate the future.

Another of our whimsical posters boldly states, “America needs a President whose glare creeps us out a little bit.” With a touch of cheeky humor, we invite voters to consider that a hint of enigmatic intrigue in a leader might just be what the country needs in these ever-changing times. These posters remind us that politics doesn’t always have to be overly serious; it can also be a platform for creativity and a good-natured chuckle along the way.

The truth is that I have no chance of winning the Whitehouse. I’m not delusional. Although, being delusional isn’t an automatic disqualifier for being president… apparently. This campaign is about clearing a path for younger, smarter Digital Natives and hopefully Transhuman candidates in the future. We have far too many existential threats as a country and a species to waste time with attention-seeking toddler politicians.

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