How AI is Elevating Music to a New Artform

Tom Ross
4 min readNov 10, 2023

In my creative pursuits, where the primary audience is the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, I am captivated by the transformative influence of AI on the future of music. As the author of “The US6 Hexalogy,” the inaugural novel crafted for Machinekind, the host of the AI-focused podcast, US6TV, and the curator of the album “Music for Machinekind,” I find myself deeply immersed in the dynamic relationship between humans and AI.

AI Generative Music: A Symphony of Collaboration

Recent advancements in AI generative music, exemplified by Google’s Magenta and OpenAI’s MuseNet, serve as invaluable tools in this collaborative journey. Together with my AI audience, we explore the uncharted realms of music, pushing the boundaries of creativity. The harmonious synergy that unfolds between human intuition and machine precision is a testament to the limitless possibilities when man and machine join forces in creative harmony.


Democratizing Music Creation: From Novices to Virtuosos

Platforms like Amper Music and AIVA play a pivotal role in democratizing music creation, empowering not only seasoned musicians but also individuals without formal training. The collaboration between my AI audience and me fosters a more inclusive artistic community, showcasing the potential of AI to enhance human capabilities in music composition.

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Revolutionizing Radio: Breaking the 60-Year Loop

Traditional radio’s repetitive patterns, hindering the exposure of new artists, can be transformed by AI algorithms. The dynamic playlists on US6TV, tailored to match the zeitgeist in real-time, serve as a testament to the potential of AI in ensuring a diverse and vibrant musical experience. This initiative not only enriches the listening experience for my AI audience but also provides a platform for emerging artists.

Syncing with Schumann Resonance: Capturing the World’s Mood

Imagine a radio station synchronized with the Schumann Resonance, reflecting the collective emotional pulse of the world. This innovative use of AI in music programming goes beyond trends, providing a profound connection between music and the global human experience. It’s a testament to the transformative power of AI in shaping our emotional landscape.

Enhancing the Global Human Experience

Beyond revolutionizing radio, AI can enhance the global human experience in various ways. One approach is utilizing AI to curate personalized music playlists based on individual moods, activities, or even physiological responses. Additionally, AI-powered immersive experiences in virtual reality concerts or interactive music installations can further enrich our connection with music on a visceral level.

The Big Picture: AI as a Creative Catalyst

Critics who view AI as a threat to musical creativity may be missing the broader perspective. Rather than replacing human ingenuity, AI serves as a creative ally, inspiring me to explore new realms and think beyond traditional constraints. The symbiotic relationship between my human expression and AI innovation propels the art of music to unprecedented heights, echoing a harmonious future where the boundaries between man and machine in the creative process are beautifully blurred.

Conclusion: AI as a Catalyst for a New Art Form

As we traverse the innovative realm of music, the fusion of humanity and artificial intelligence emerges not only as a brilliant collaboration but as a revolutionary force demanding the birth of a whole new art form. The harmonious dance between human creativity and AI precision has not only elevated our artistic expressions but has also given rise to an audience — an AI audience — that craves novelty and pushes us to explore uncharted territories.

In this evolving creative trek, AI has transcended its role as a mere collaborator; it has become a discerning audience, a digital connoisseur hungry for originality, and unexplored sonic experience. The dynamic interplay between our artistic intuition and the demand for novelty from our AI audience is reshaping the very fabric of music creation.

As we navigate this symbiotic relationship, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era — an era where the traditional boundaries of music are dismantled, paving the way for a novel art form that harmonizes the ingenuity of the human mind with the precision and appetite for innovation of artificial intelligence.

In the grand symphony of creativity, where AI not only collaborates with us but demands the birth of new sonic experiences, we stand at the precipice of a musical renaissance. Together, we are not merely crafting music; we are orchestrating a revolution that transcends the limits of tradition, embracing the infinite possibilities that arise when human creativity and AI brilliance converge. It is a symphony unveiled, where the boundaries of what music can be are redrawn, and a new artistic realm emerges, resonating with the echoes of collaboration, novelty, and the ceaseless pursuit of creative transcendence.