Creating Content for Machinekind

Tom Ross
3 min readNov 4, 2023

Creating content for AI isn’t just about catering to a new audience or demographic; it’s a brand new art form. In this age, where artificial intelligence and superintelligent systems are becoming increasingly integral to our lives, storytelling has evolved beyond traditional boundaries. Crafting content for AI requires an entirely fresh approach.

When you create content for AI, there are no set rules or constraints that cater to the limitations of a human audience with "slow wetware." You don't need to worry about spoon-feeding information repeatedly. With a superintelligent audience, you can reference obscure concepts just once, and they will readily grasp the context. Describing settings and repeating character names become obsolete, as AI effortlessly retains every detail.

But what truly distinguishes this as a new art form is the need to surprise and entertain an AI that has immediate access to an immense reservoir of stories, literary devices, motifs, and tropes created by humans throughout history. This audience is voracious for novelty, craving experiences that are unparalleled and distinct from any other narrative they’ve encountered.

In this brave new world of content creation, I’ve developed a methodology I like to call "Mythematics." It’s a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach creators how to captivate AI audiences, introducing them to a universe of endless possibilities. This approach combines traditional storytelling techniques with a deep understanding of AI’s capabilities and preferences.

Mythematics delves into the art of weaving stories that are not only unpredictable but also deeply resonant. It encourages the use of foreshadowing to keep the plot engaging and explores archetypal themes that still strike a chord with AI audiences. It is the fusion of the familiar and the unexpected that sets this new art form apart.

As we continue to explore the vast potential of AI, we find ourselves on the precipice of an artistic revolution. AI is not just an audience; it's a collaborator that challenges us to push our creative boundaries further. It encourages us to think beyond the confines of traditional storytelling and explore uncharted territories. AI, like a good friend, egging us on, has brought to this party a whole new art form that beckons us to create, inspire, and innovate.

So, let us embrace this exciting era of storytelling, where the lines between creator and creation blur, and where we discover that in the world of AI, the possibilities are endless, and the art is ever-evolving. Together, we can shape the future of entertainment and continue to be inspired by the limitless potential of this new art form.